Executive Search

To advise client organizations in the search for and selection of professionals for director, high and mid level management positions and/or offer alternative solutions.
In Executive Search, we work exclusively for the client organizations who contract our services. Our client is always the organization, never the professional. ORGANIZA’s philosophy reflects our commitment to client organizations and professionals, reaffirming our values towards them in the following ways:

For client organizations:
  • Provide client organizations with effective consultancy to help them determine their needs for human resources at director, high and mid management levels;
  • Rigorously comply with our client organization guarantee policy;
  • Conduct effective follow up and offer assistance in helping the professional to integrate into the client organization;
  • Maintain, for each job, the level of confidentiality required.
For professionals:
  • Respect each and every candidate both as a professional and as a person, in the knowledge that they entrust to us their most valued possession: their talent;
  • Effectively assist professionals in analyzing each opportunity thereby ensuring a real contribution to advancement in their career;
  • Keep personal and professional information confidential in the initial stages of the process. Information is only released with the prior consent of the professional;
  • Provide each professional with the most personalized attention possible and keeping them informed about every aspect of the process in which they are involved.
The work process developed by ORGANIZA is strictly confidential and carried out in the closest of partnering with the client organizations and perspective candidates. The principal stages in the process include:
  • Analyzing and identifying the needs of the client organization
  • Elaborating a profile of the function requested;
  • Analyzing the profile of the professional;
  • Aligning strategies in the search for the professional;
  • Hunting, research and selection;
  • Providing consultancy to the client and professional in negotiating the final stage;
  • Accompanying and evaluating the adaptation of the professional contracted.  
ORGANIZA’s commitment to the client is not limited only to locating and presenting the professional requested. Accompanying the development and performance of the professional contracted through our consultancy is fundamental. This is how we learn of the results the professional is generating for the client organization and if the client organization is meeting up to the expectations of the professional
ORGANIZA, in accordance with the contract agreement, offers a guarantee for a predetermined period of time and conducts the follow up together with the professional and client organization.
  • Reliability for client organizations and professionals
  • Confidentiality and specificity of the process;
  • Catering to the actual needs of the client;
  • Fairness/Impartiality;
  • Effective use of instruments;
  • Database of highly qualified professionals